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Haiti En Direct - Roku, GoogleTV, Android, IPTV Activation

Haiti En Direct will change the way you watch Haitian TV channels.
We proudly announce DVR(Catch up) feature. Watch recorded programming & never miss any program!

Haiti En Direct brings you best of Haitian and Caribbean TV Channels and Radios and all available on your television or mobile devices with just a simple click of the remote control! Now watch us on Roku, GoogleTV and Android IPTV.
Sign up & start enjoying Haiti En Direct on Roku, GoogleTV, Android & IPTV Devices
Receive 1 Year Subscription
Free Android Device
Plus Shipping and Handling

* Pricing does not
include device
How to install to Roku
Android / IPTV Installation
Download at Google Play Store
GoogleTV Installation
Download at Google Play Store
Watch on your PC/Mac, iOS(iPhone/iPad) & Apple TV devices    Learn More

High Quality LIVE with DVR Channels and Growing


Télé Kiskeya


Télé Ginen

Télé Boston

Télé Métropole

Télé Pacific


THM (Télévision Haitienne de Montréal)

Kajou TV

Télé Caraibes


Télé 6 Univers (Aux Cayes)


Radio TanLontan

Two KouL - 100% Music Videos

Télé Mix Haiti

Nago TV

Télé Congo

Vox Africa


Télé Soleil

Télé Shalom

Tele Voix Evangelique d Orlando


FNDTV French

EWTN - English

RTH - Gospel

FNDTV English



The Word Network

Church Channel

France 24 - French

CNN International

SkyNews Int

France 24 - English

Al Jazeera Int.


Télé Ginen (DVR)

Télé Kiskeya (DVR)

Haitian Radio Stations

TNH (Live feed 2)

Télé Ginen (Live Feed 2)

Télé Caraibes (Live Feed 2)

Hdirect Test20

Télé Caramel (Aux-Cayes)

Tele Cayes Inter

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