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Haiti En Direct is a multimedia subscription based entertainment package that delivers live Haitian TV and Radio channels from both inside and outside of Haiti to subscribers around the World. With its bouquet of 8 TV channels and 5 radio stations, Haiti En Direct is the largest aggregation of media aimed at the Haitian clientele under one umbrella. With Haiti En Direct, Haitian families all over the world will always be able keep up with the latest news, political and social events, documentaries, lifestyle, sporting events, as well as educational and cultural programming. You will always feel connected.

Haiti En Direct is the most comprehensive subscription based multimedia bouquet offer aimed at Haitians living abroad. All of Haiti En Direct's contents are delivered in standard definition TV and Radio which are coming to you directly from sources in Haiti and the US.

Haiti En Direct is a product of Allied Communication & Multimedia LLC (ACM), a Haitian owned company based in Port-au-Prince, with offices in Florida and New York. ACM owns and operates a multicast content distribution platform based on Internet Protocol. Through partnerships with key television and radio content providers, ACM's "Haiti en Direct" package offers quality content to the Haitian community. Partner channels and stations include popular media such as, Radio Télé Caraïbes (RTVC), Radio Télé Soleil (RTS), Télé Image, Kajou TV, Radio Télé Ginen (RTG), Radio Television National d`Haiti (RTNH), Tropik TV, Signal FM, Radio Soleil d`Haiti a New York etc. Haiti En Direct also offers FREE Video-On-Demand programming to its subscribers as well as Pay-Per-View content.

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